Shree Hospital & Maternity believes that health is the fundamental right of every person. Affectionate disposition, attention to detail, humane feelings for the patient and simplicity ensure that Shree Hospital & Maternity operates like a family with a strong sense of belonging, among all medical and non-medical personnel. Behind the modern, medical services offered by Shree Hospital & Maternity lies a years-old dream. A mission to assimilate good medical and surgical talent and technique, to bring them closer to the common man is nurtured in our hearts. Today, Shree Hospital & Maternity stands as a concrete testimony to the fulfilment of this dream. Shree Hospital & Maternity is a modern multi-speciality care hospital.
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Dr. A. K. Das

Honos & Gold Medalist
M.D.(Medicine) PATNA
Consultan Physician
Redg. No. 32564 (BCMR)

Dr. Jyoti

M.B.B.S.(Hons) PATNA
M.S.(Gynecology & Obstetrics)
Regd. No. 34117 (BCMR)